How to use a big crappies “genetics” against him…

What a week… and what better way to get you pumped up for the weekend than to serve up some more killer crappie fishing tips. There’s one in particular I want you to pay special attention too.

It’s the information about using a big crappies’ genetics against him.

Big crappie have certain unique tendencies… and if you know what makes ’em “tick”, you’ll be able to find them almost every time… and more importantly you’ll know exactly what to “serve” them to trigger an attack.

Now, there are many other “old tricks” for hauling in the big ones hand over fist. You’ll find if you just put a few of these to work in your spots, you’ll quickly become “the man”.

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Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets From 12 Backcountry Crappie Masters!

Now… let’s dig in.


There are several things you can do increase the average size of the Crappie you catch. In this article I will outline several things to look for that will help you accomplish this goal. To catch large Crappie you need to make that your main focus. You cannot think about catching of large quantities and huge size. Truly trophy Crappie are a quarry that needs to be pursued in a different manner than you would the smaller members of the species.

First you need to understand the schooling habits of Crappie. Crappie are a fish that tends to school according to size. Simply put large Crappie generally can be found near other large Crappie. There are of course exceptions to every rule. I am not suggesting you cannot catch a very large Crappie in the same location as smallish ones. I am saying however that if you want to focus on catching only large Crappie in the two pound and above weight class you are best served by searching for schools of that size. This means leaving a productive area that is producing a steady stream of half pound to one pound Crappies.

Understand your catch rate will drop if you fish only for the real trophies. Trophy fishing for Crappie is a sport of patience.

Consider for a minute how a Crappie becomes over two pounds. First it has to have the genetic makeup to reach such a size. You need therefore to fish lakes that have a demonstrated reputation for producing fish for large size. If you show me a lake that has never produced a Crappie of over two pounds I will show you one that likely never will.

Genetics is a pretty straight forward science.

For example suppose you were to place one hundred people on a large island that were all below five feet in height. One thousand years later the population would have grown exponentially and would almost assuredly be an average of less than five foot in height.

As the saying goes the chips don’t fall far from the block. You need to apply this principle to your fishing efforts. Certain lakes continuously produce Crappie of large size because the fish whose genetic material repopulates the species are very large. Lakes like Kentucky Lake, Reelfoot Lake and many others have an established fishery for monster sized Crappie. You need to target your efforts on these lakes and not try to fight a battle are you destined to lose by fishing lakes that have not in past produced the size of Crappie you are seeking. You do not go to Antarctica to hunt lions, nor should you hunt monster sized Crappie in areas they simply do not exist.

Next in selecting an area you must think outside the box a bit. Crappie reach huge sizes by keeping away from predators. I am talking about predation from both larger fish and from fellow fisherman. Most of the classic Crappie fishing sports will not hold the extra large jumbo fish. These fish have learned to avoid these areas. Some of the largest Crappie I have caught have come from areas that are hard to reach and nor necessarily to stereotypical Crappie hideouts.

One of the best areas you can find is a section of a lake that is full of very dense weeds.

The key remains finding some wood within the thicket of weeds. If you have a hard time getting your boat into an area that is a good place to start. If you merely fish in the weeds themselves you are likely to catch large members of other species of pan fish like Bluegills and Rock Bass. If however you can find some standing or fallen timber within these hard to reach areas you may truly find a school of very large Crappie ripe for the taking.

Your equipment must also be matched to the type and size of fish you seek. You should not spool heavy line on your reels however. Two pound test line is optimal but please do not use line over four pound test. Crappie reach large sizes by avoiding fishing lines and are very wary. You should use larger bait however. If you are a live bait fisherman try minnows you would normally use for bass or even large ribbon leeches for bait. The normal crappie sized minnows will attract too many small pan fish. The truly large Crappie wants to feed less often and make larger meals that its smaller sized kin. If you are fishing with artificial baits you should increase the size of your jigs by at least fifty percent over what you normally cast. You can even consider other lures you normally would use for bass.

This in a nutshell is trophy Crappie fishing. If you follow the principles given here your chances for success will dramatically improve.


I hope you get a chance to go out there and nail ’em this weekend.

As for me, I have to work, but that’s ok cause on Monday I’m headed to Weiss Lake for a fun filed week of Crappie fishing with the grandson.

That’s what it’s all about…Crappie fishing, the grandkids and the little tricks to catch those monster crappies!

Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets From 12 Backcountry Crappie Masters!

You have a great weekend.

Gone Fishin’,

Bob Cross